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Project Description
Ulysses Agenda is a web-based MUD set in a futuristic, science fiction world where the only way to survive is to make money - one way or another. The game is built upon Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC.

This project is old and no longer maintained and written against a VERY old version of Windows Azure.


If you interested in how to play the game, what the universe of Ulysses Agenda feels like, and the back story that started it all, check out the Gameplay section.


If you want to know how we're building this application and are curious about the nuts and bolts of how everything works, then check out the Technology section.


This section houses development notes and high-level Design Details.
During initial discussions, we wrote Test Cases to drive our development ideas.


To keep up to date on how we're progressing with the game, all the cool technology we're using and all the great content we're making, check out our Blog (coming soon)

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