Ulysses Agenda - Gameplay

The year is 2410. Earth has finally managed to ruin its environment to the point where it has become uninhabitable. The human race is in peril and up to this point, space travel has still revealed no habitable planets within reach and humans believe themselves to be alone in the universe. Just before Christmas, 2410, a brilliant inventor tests a new invention that bends space-time around a vessel, allowing manned spacecraft to travel to distant galaxies in extremely short periods of time. The RD (Relativity Drive, named in honor of Einstein's theories regarding the true nature of space-time) ushers in a new era of exploration but does nothing to change the impending demise of the human race.

Summer, 2418. The environmental crisis has grown exponentially, partly due to the insane growth of new industries to support space exploration for leisure, science, and exploration. Virtually every nation on the planet agrees to a summit to discuss the fate of humanity. They agree that colonies on remote planets must be established because Earth is no longer a viable planet to sustain the entire race. The nations all sign an agreement to pool nearly every financial and industrial resource on the planet toward the construction of massive super-ships capable of carrying hundreds of thousands of people to remote planets. This agreement was called the Ulysses Agenda. Ulysses is the latin name for Odysseus, the hero of greek myth.

Just 10 years later, in 2428, every nation on the planet selects 30% of its population to board thousands of colonial transport ships and the mass exodus begins. The human race becomes a space-faring civilization and colonies are constructed and populated throughout every corner of the galaxy and even in other previously undiscovered galaxies. It is then that the human race finally discovers that they are not alone in the universe. In fact, the universe is teeming with advanced civilizations capable of space travel. Many of these are incredibly advanced and make human technology look barbaric and ancient and others are far less advanced than the humans. Some of these races become allies, others become enemies, yet others begin interbreeding with humans. Thus begins the next era of human evolution, spurred by the planet-wide accord referred to as the Ulysses Agenda.

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